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Announcement - Me/Danchy13 is now working on the gaming industry. I Have Created a game making company called 2oD Games - http://theworldofgames.comuf.com/index.html. Please Post In The "2oD Games" Topic For Game Requests and i will attempted to make them. There Are No Current Events!



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So, it is always a good idea to make such connection

?BEIJING Luis Suarez Jersey , Nov. 22 (Xinhua) -- "Mr. 10000+" Zhu Fangyu's match-high 28 points helped Guangdong beat Shandong 108-104 in the eighth round of the Chinese Basketball Association (CBA) league here on Sunday.

?Zhou Peng and Bynum's three-pointers helped Guangdong start with 8-3, but the host Shandong maintained the lead by 17-12 with a bunch of three-pointers by Pooh Jeter and Li Jingyu.

?Veteran Zhu Fangyu soon answered back and led his teammates to finish the first quarter by leading at 24-17.

?Zhu Fangyu's three-pointers helped Guangdong enlarged their lead to as many as 20 in the second quarter. With the absence of Ding Yanyuhang, it's hard for Shandong to fight back as the former NBA player Beasley was in a poor state in the first half.

?Guangdong's super star Yi Jianlian was injured at the brow in the second half, but the team still had a 7-0 run in the fourth quarter.

?Beasley finally found himself back and helped the Shandong team narrow the gap to only five points as he jumped over Zhou Peng and slam the dunk. But it was too late, Beasley lost two free throws afterward and Guangdong gained the revenge by beat Shandong 108-104.

?Yi Jianlian finished with 26 points, 13 rebounds, five assists and four steals. Beasley led Shandong with 26 points.

?Xinjiang, the only unbeaten team, finished the first half by leading at 52-45 against Tianjin. The visiting team enlarged their lead by over 20 points in the final quarter and gained the eight straight win with 118-94.

?In Sunday's other games, Zhejiang beat Bayi 85-81, Aolong beat Shanghai 99-98 Lucas Digne Jersey , Fujian thrashed Beijing 113-102. Guangsha beat Qingdao 130-124, Sichuan beat Jilin 113-103, Jiangsu thrashed Shenzhen 110-86. Shanxi edged Liaoning 108-103, Tongxi beat Foshan 121-107.??

by Alessandra Cardone

ROME, Nov. 8 (Xinhua) -- Some 80 sculptures, over 600,000 tiny plastic bricks of every color assembled, and recreations of some of the world's most iconic masterpieces.

"The Art of the Brick" exhibit of American Nathan Sawaya opened in Rome on Oct. 28, giving Italians a taste of how artistic inspiration can mingle with playfulness, and pour out through a most "surprising" material.

"The exhibition captures people's curiosity and imagination, and is being shown for the first time in Italy. So far Lionel Messi Jersey , Rome's audience has surely met our expectations," Italian curator Fabio La Gioia told Xinhua.

Visitors in the first week surpassed 16,000, and were expected to reach 20,000 with the second weekend of opening.

The creations of the New York-based artist were staged at Spazio Eventi SET Gallery over 1,200 metres, allowing each sculpture the necessary space to surprise, and maybe inspire, adults and younger ones.

The exhibition included recreations of classic painting such as Leonardo da Vinci's Mona Lisa, the Vermeer's Girl with a Pearl Earring, The Kiss by Gustav Klimt Jordi Alba Jersey , Rembrandt's Self Portrait, and Eduard Munch's The Scream.

All of them made of a material as unconventional for the art as familiar from many people's childhood.

"Nathan's work makes us forget the sculptures are made just of Lego, irrespective of the visitor's age," La Gioia explained.

"You know it, you actually see the Lego bricks, but then you are overcome by imagination and the feelings each sculpture is able to stir. This process is very typical of art."

Visitors could also enjoy iconic classical artworks such as Michelangelo's David and Venus de Milo, and the Parthenon.

Yet, a consistent part of The Art of the Brick exhibit was actually made of original creations, some of them conceptual, some more ironical and playful.

The Italian curator indeed mentioned one of those to explain why he wanted to bring Sawaya's work to Italians.

"One of the sculptures shows this yellow man whose arms are stretched out to form a ladder, which is going upwards Javier Mascherano Jersey ," La Gioia said.

The meaning of the work was that strength to overcome life's obstacles and achieve our goals would be just within us, according to the artist.

"It is a sophisticate concept that goes far beyond the recreational nature (of a Lego sculpture); it is a reflection on the human condition, which is the best thing art can offer us."

Further items showed a yellow man ripping his chest open, a blue man sitting with a contemplative air, and an amazing six-metres skeleton dinosaur constructed from 80,020 Lego bricks.

"One of my aims as an art curator is to reconnect Italy to a certain kind of artistic expression that is less common for us," La Gioia further explained.

"Italians are very much attached to their ancient cultural heritage and classical arts, and sometimes miss newest forms of artistic expressions, even though they might find them awesome when they see them in New York, London, or other modern cities."

Sawaya's artwork would entail something that Romans Jasper Cillessen Jersey , and Italians overall, could not deprive themselves of, the curator added.

"Everything able to stir an emotion of big surprise is welcomed in Italy, and even more so if there is a deep cultural content behind the artistic creation, since Italians study a lot about creativity, human civilization, and arts through history," he said.

"So, it is always a good idea to make such connection," he added.

The exhibition, which has toured through Asia Ivan Rakitic Jersey , Australia, America, and some countries in Europe, will last in Rome until Feb. 14.

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2018-04-04 07:09:48

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