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German Cup quarter-finals in Dortmund vs. Hoffenheim game

German Cup - Kyle Dott 3-2 overtime lore long shots Village Hall Top 4 advance

German Cup quarter-finals in Dortmund vs. Hoffenheim game started. Subotic 19 minutes of the first half as the team opened the scoring 21 minutes to help the visitors equalized Worland, 28 minutes Subotic gifts, Phil Mino scored the go-ahead score, 1-2; 57 minutes of the second fifa 18 xbox coins half Austria Bamei Young to tie the game, both sides 90 minutes 2-2. Kyle extra time 107 minutes long-range break, eventually Dortmund 3-2 home victory over Hoffenheim, German Cup four strong promotion.

Hoffenheim took the lead in the first half kickoff, after the opening two sides pitted. The first 11 minutes, Kagawa right outside the area long-range kick goalkeeper confiscated, the first 19 minutes, Bulashenqi Khodorkovsky out of the right corner, near the grab points Subotic foot in the penalty shot the power of small but very cunning angle, the ball hit the left post after a bomb into the goal, 1-0. The first 21 minutes, Rudy corner, Worland small unmarked outside the area, 14 meters away from the door at the left foot shot to break, 1-1.

The first 27 minutes, Subotic backcourt stopping mistakes, Phil Mino single opportunity to get the ball to plug directly in the face of attack near the line of area Weidenfeller lob break, 1-2. The first 37 minutes, Aubameyang received Kagawa left forward fifa 18 xbox one coins pass, shot into the restricted area far post, the first 39 minutes, Bulashiqi Khodorkovsky right under the bottom inverted triangle pass, Kagawa close Unfortunately guard shot was blocked. The first half of Hoffenheim 2-1 away from home temporarily in the lead.Buy fifa 18 coin from futshop.net now. also here for more fifa updating news. fifa 18 is coming soon!



2017-07-14 03:31:17

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