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By Xinhua writer Liu Si

LOS ANGELES http://www.jordan6wheat.com/mens-air-jo … -sale.html , Sept. 17 (Xinhua) -- "Hold on tight to your dreams" and "respect your limits", said Yves Rossy, the world's first jetman when he joined with many other aviators to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the U.S. Reno Air Races recently.

"I did my best within my limits," Rossy told Xinhua in an exclusive interview after he wrapped up his performances at Reno Air Races, world's fastest motorsport, which was held at Reno Stead Airfield in Nevada between Sept 11 to Sept 15.

"I'm very happy that I could fly because I was not sure I can fly here because of the altitude," he said.

According to Rossy Mens Air Jordan 6 Wheat Golden Harvest Sail 384664-705 For Sale , Reno, with a 5000-feet (1524 meters) altitude, brought more difficulties to his flight. He said, "I have to fly about 5000 feet higher and that's really limits for me because of this thin air. The aerodynamic of the wind is less good. The power of my engine is weaker."

That means he may not be able to start the engine, which is difficult and dangerous for him. He told Xinhua that he found a solution to start the engine at low altitude and then climbed up with a running engine, which made him be able to fly.

Rossy had to cancel his last-day performance on Sept 15 because of the high winds. He said his body limits is 20 nuts but the winds was 28 nuts that day.

"That's exactly a kind of situation that you have to decide to say no. Because if you don't say no, once you'll kill yourself http://www.jordan6wheat.com/air-jordan-6-wheat.html ," said Rossy.

"It's not risky when you respect the limits," the jetman said, adding that it's risky "if you go over that limits."

"Today I respect the limits and I'm safe. I have all my life to continue to fly," he added.

Born in Switzerland in 1959, Rossy served from the age of 20 to 28 as a professional military pilot flying Hunter, Tiger F-5 and Mirage III supersonic fighter planes. From 1988 to 2000, he was a co-pilot with Swissair Cheap Air Jordan 6 Wheat Womens , and since then has been working as a captain for Swiss International Airlines.

In parallel with his professional career, Rossy soon began exploring various ways of cleaving the skies: skydiving, free-falling, sky-surfing, hang-gliding, paragliding, acrobatics in a biplane Cheap Air Jordan 6 Wheat Mens , and the like. He made a name for himself through several somewhat crazy stunts such as a flight with his hands tied to the wings of two planes; or a sky-surf jump from a hot-air balloon.

According to Rossy, he got the idea of becoming a jetman when he was 30. His real jetman project began eight years ago when he was doing parachute sky-diving and the idea came to him, which he said was "keep the freedom of movement" that he felt at that moment.

Speaking of himself, Rossy said that when he has an idea, he will put it into practice. "When you begin something, you finish it and do your best you can."

He worked step by step on his idea -- "fly like a bird only with the body".

In 2002, an inflatable wing enabled him to cross the 12-kilometer stretch between the Swiss and French shores of Lake Leman. In June 2004 Air Jordan 6 Wheat Mens Size 13 , he made a first six-minute horizontal flight with two jet engines. Two years later, equipped with four jet engines, he was able to ascend in mid-flight for the very first time.

Rossy told Xinhua the difference between flying the fighter aircraft and being the jetman. He said that when he flew the fighter, with the engine there was no limits in three dimensions and had so much power in speed and energy.

"But you are inside a cockpit, inside a box, you don't have direct relations with the air," said Rossy. "What I really want is a free diver in the sky Air Jordan 6 Wheat Womens For Sale , like birds. That's a big difference. I'm completely in the element air. When in the airplane, you have a machine between you and the air."

Rossy also said that he enjoys much when his body can decide to turn, to descend and to climb.

On September 26th 2008, Rossy made history by crossing the English Channel with his jet-powered wing. Apart from his wing, his only equipment consisted of a helmet, a wristworn altimeter, a chronograph to monitor his fuel consumption Air Jordan 6 Wheat Mens For Sale , a gas handle to give extra power, and his own body to change direction and altitude.

After designing a new single wing that is both smaller and more stable, the jetman conquered the Grand Canyon in Colorado in U.S. in 2011 and Rio de Janeiro in Brazil in 2012.

Currently, Rossy is guiding a young parachute skydiver to work on his jetwing. He said he hoped to fly a formation with others in the future.

He also extent a message to share with the younger generation, which is "Hold on tight to your dreams. It's normal to have downs. The highs will come."

That's just like what Rossy wrote on his facebook frontpage: "The ultimate dream of flight -- soaring through the air, with total freedom in all three dimensions, not within a heavy and complicated machine but with only one's body and sensations -- a dream everybody had at least once. Jetman made it real."

BEIJING Air Jordan 6 Retro Wheat Womens , Oct. 3 (Xinhua) -- Chinese President Xi Jinping is to start a state visit to Malaysia Thursday at the invitation of Malaysian Supreme Head of State Abdul Halim Mu'adzam Shah.

Following are some basic facts about the country:

Malaysia is located in Southeast Asia and has a total land area of about 330,000 square km. It is separated by the South China Sea into two major regions -- West Malaysia and East Malaysia. West Malaysia, also referred as Peninsular Malaysia, lies in the southern part of the Malay Peninsula.

According to government statistics, Malaysia had a population of 28.33 million in 2010. Malays make up 67.4 percent of the population, 24.6 percent are of Chinese descent, and those of Indian descent account for 7.3 percent.

Malaysia's state religion is Islam Air Jordan 6 Retro Wheat Mens , while Buddhism, Hinduism and Christianity are also practised in the country. Malay is Malaysia's national language and English and Chinese are also widely used in the country.

By John Kwo.



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