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Announcement - Me/Danchy13 is now working on the gaming industry. I Have Created a game making company called 2oD Games - http://theworldofgames.comuf.com/index.html. Please Post In The "2oD Games" Topic For Game Requests and i will attempted to make them. There Are No Current Events!



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Now, of course, this may require some cozy conversation over a good glass of Chardonnay to remember what good old-fashioned fun was really like. But well worth the effort, according to a recent study that showed a strong correlation between love and play.

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How to Become "Best Friends" and "Lovers"

Looking back, I now realize that one of the smartest things my husband ever did in our relationship was getting me involved in his hobbies. Fortunately, this occurred after he converted his love of drag racing into a safer expression of the sport - RC (radio-controlled nitro racing).

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2. Create an evening where you make a game out of talking about some of your favorite childhood activities. Take turns describing how excited you felt every time you had a chance to play. Now see if you can come up with an adult version that expresses similar qualities. If nothing strikes you, let loose and play "let's pretend" and make up an activity of your own.

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